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Dungeon Crawlers HD to Offer VR Compatibility

Indie developer Drowning Monkeys has announced virtual reality (VR) support for the Steam release of their upcoming videogame, Dungeon Crawlers HD. A comedic take on who the Ghostbusters would have been in the medieval times, Dungeon Crawlers HD is a strategy role-playing game (SRPG) set to launch on PC this summer.

Following in the path of Oculus VR’s own Herobound: First Steps, Dungeon Crawlers HD is a third-person videogame which uses the unique capabilities of VR to provide new perspectives, allowing players to get in close to the action or even view the field from an over-the-shoulder camera angle. Dungeon Crawlers HD will be playable on a traditional 2D monitor also, but with the option for VR included as standard.

Dungeon Crawler HD Screenshot

“I want to provide a way of viewing Dungeon Crawlers HD that would otherwise be impossible, if not for VR technology. When you’re playing a tactical game, you need a tactical view, but VR allows you to view tactical games in a way that a monitor cannot provide, and that’s by being immersed by the pieces on the board,” states Josh Chudnovsky, Founder & Owner of Drowning Monkeys.

Dungeon Crawlers HD is set to be released for PC formats on 1st June 2015, via Steam. A mobile version of the videogame is now available for iOS devices and will launch soon on Android, though no VR compatibility has been announced for either these formats nor the teased potential console release. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the VR compatible editions of Dungeon Crawlers HD.

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