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Elite Gets Vibrant Paint Jobs and More in Today’s Update

UK-based studio Frontier Developments continues to churn out updates to the PC version of its popular virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation videogame, Elite: Dangerous. Today sees the title hit version 1.2.07, bringing with it a long list of tweaks and fixes as well as a brand new addition to ship customisation options. Said update should be live now following 30 minutes of server down time earlier in the day.


The full list of changes can be seen below. Highlighting them are new ‘vibrant’ paint jobs that can be applied to any ship except the Anaconda, which will be available to purchase from the title’s official store in the near future. Elsewhere this update mainly includes fixes for glitches and bugs.

It’s a busy time for Frontier Developments and Elite: Dangerous. The studio recently launched a Beta testing period for the Mac version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) compatible videogame. On top of that, the team is currently working on bringing the title to Xbox One, with plans for a PlayStation 4 version to arrive after that. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates.

– Added vibrant paint jobs for all ships except Anaconda (available for purchase from the store soon)

– Crash fix for star system generation

– Fix for crash in TrackIR caused by the disconnect function incorrectly handling the case when the TrackIR is in an error state. Also applied the same fix to FreeTrack

– Adjusted terraforming meta data to prevent server error

– When getting close to a capital ship while neutral, it will warn you at ~1KM away and then turn hostile at a few hundred metres

– Treat capital ships like players for assigning kills

– Don’t allow NPCs to kill steal by them hitting the powerplant

– Prevent docking after the police ‘notice’ that a player is wanted. This is the same reaction with committing a violent crime near the station.

– Network fix to catch some messages delivery bugs

– Fix a case where a ship with damage regions and no shields could try to save a game before its defense data has been initialised, resulting in showing in the GUI as a ship that’s unrepairable at 0% health

– Adfjusted Type 7 and Viper collision mesh to make them a bit harder to get stuck in the starport entrance cage

– Various text fixes

Server-side Changes:

– Decriminalise Limpets

– When changing station ownership after a conflict, always treat system controlling stations as more valuable than anything else

– Fix Commander Stats for selling level 2 and level 3 survey scans

– Various performance and reliability improvements


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