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Explore An Apartment With A Twist In VROOM: Aerie

Have you’ve ever wanted to own a very expensive penthouse apartment… and then fly a World War One Sopwith Camel around it?  That may seem like an unusual question but that is just one of the things you can do in ‘VROOM: Aerie’. The app allows you to walk around the expensive looking city apartment and interact with various items, including watching streaming videos, listening to music or by shrinking in size using one of the toy miniatures as your own personal form of transport. Exploring the fish tank in a mini submarine, or as is shown in the video below, you can declare war on your soft furnishings in a helicopter.


In total VROOM: Aerie contains 42 intractable objects and allows customisation of elements of the apartment if the decor doesn’t meet with your tastes. You can even switch between night and day for different lighting effects.

Unlike previous entries on our Oculus VR Share spotlight this item is specifically for sale. Should you wish to explore the apartment for yourself the price is $5.99 USD (approximately £4.00 GBP) and is available from The Rift Arcade.

VROOM Aerie is currently available for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

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