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Fan Uses Google Cardboard for VR Wedding Proposal

Virtual reality (VR) developers and fans alike are coming up with innovative uses for the technology seemingly by the day. But while many are looking at videogames and other industries to make breakthroughs, designer Mike Rios recently used the Google Cardboard smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) for something much closer to the heart. Rios constructed an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend, Margaret Jensen, in VR. A video of the event can currently be seen below.

On 8th March 2015 Rios took his girlfriend back to where they had first met, some five years ago. There Jensen found a package containing a Google Cardboard. Putting on the device, Jensen found herself in a 360 degree image of her current location, shot earlier on. Inside the image the street was populated with friends holding up signs with words on them. It also showed her father standing next to her, linking arms; something that happened in real life as he quickly appeared beside her.

Jensen was then led through a series of images, with more signs appearing as she moved a few steps on. Eventually these signs were placed in order to reveal the question ‘Do you remember what I asked you here five years ago?’, referring to the first time Rios had jokingly asked her to marry him. Jensen then took off the HMD to be serenaded with live music, accompanied with a dance from her friends. Rios then appeared to ask the real question, of which the answer to was a resounding yes.

It’s a heart-warming tale and something that sees VR used in a way no one else had yet considered. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all uses of VR, reporting back with the latest updates on them.

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