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Get A Taste Of Dreamscape Exploration With Shadows of Isolation on Oculus VR Share

A new lucid dreaming experience has come to Oculus VR Share. Shadows of Isolation, developed by Future Colossal, takes the player on a journey through a number of virtual reality (VR) set pieces as you drift from scenario to scenario in an imagined world.  From flying through space, dodging asteroids to looming above dark cityscapes. Or from finding yourself on the plains in Africa to  having a close encounter with whales under the sea.

Shadows of Isolation

The developers have plans to continue developing the application as ‘an ever-evolving artwork’ which does include the intention to add support for additional sensory peripherals to increase the range of the experience.

Compatible with the Oculus Rift DK 2 head-mounted display and can be played with game controllers, keyboard, or via positional tracking, the latter of which is recommended if you have access to it.

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