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Loading Human, XING Devs Get Funding from Epic’s Unreal Dev Grants Scheme

Earlier in the year Epic Games announced a unique new funding scheme to aid those working with its Unreal Engine 4 videogame development toolset. The studio revealed ‘Unreal Dev Grants’, seeking to hand out a total of $5 million USD in grants, split across a range of developers working with the engine. The first handful of studios, taking $139,000 between them, was announced in March 2015. Now six new developers have been successfully funded, two of which are working on virtual reality (VR) compatible projects.


The first of these is Untold Games, the studio behind upcoming VR adventure title, Loading Human. The team has been granted $16,000 to help work on its Oculus Rift compatible videogame in which players are cast as Prometheus, the son of a famous scientist that is tasked with locating a huge energy source that could save his father’s life. Along with Oculus Rift support, Untold Games has confirmed that it is working on a PlayStation 4 version of Loading Human with support for the Project Morpheus HMD, though is yet to confirm such a port will see release.

Elsewhere, White Locus Interactive has secured $12,000 to go towards its first-person puzzle-based adventure videogame, XING: The Land Beyond, which also supports the Oculus Rift. The developer is comprised of three students that transitioned their title from the Unreal Development Kit over to Unreal Engine 4 following its release. A launch date for the full version of the anticipated videogame is yet to be announced.

Other titles to receive funds in this update include Bears Can’t Drift from Arran Langmead, BLUI from Aaron Shea, Red Goddess: Inner World from Yanim Studio and Supraball from Supra Games. Epic Games has now distributed a total of $210,000 for its scheme, meaning there’s still plenty of funding left to be handed out. VRFocus will continue to follow the company’s scheme, reporting back with any more VR-related updates.

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