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New Details on Technolust: Thought Crimes Emerge

Earlier this week indie developer Blair Renaud of IRIS VR announced that he was teaming up with VR Bits CEO Mark Schramm for a new entry into his Technolust virtual reality (VR) videogame franchise as part of the ongoing Oculus Mobile VR Jam. The pair announced Technolust: Thought Crimes for Gear VR, though didn’t provide any details save for its first screenshot. Now Renaud has revealed the project in full, including at overview that can be seen below.


“You (the player), take the role of a security professional charged with maintaining order in the dystopian cyberpunk universe of Technolust,” the title’s description reads. “Accompanied by your heavily modified artificial intelligence program <clever name here>, you’ll need to be part hacker, part detective and possibly part cyborg to make it through a work shift with any loot in your pocket to fuel your constant need for ramen noodles and VR apps.”

Set within the surveillance room seen above, players are tasked with tracking down a suspected criminal before they are able to commit a crime. Players are given the last 20 minutes of data that has been collected by security equipment and must analyse it for clues as to who their suspect is, where he’s located and just how they are planning to commit their crime. Each move a player makes will see the criminal progress, making it a race to stop them. News reports and memos serve as player feedback, which they will receive between shifts.

Furthermore, Technolust: Thought Crimes will also be using the photo-scanned NPCs created by Quantum Capture, a process that is also being used for the main Technolust videogame due on Oculus Rift. Renaud also has plans to bring the IP to Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) HMD for PlayStation 4, Project Morpheus. VRFocus will continue to follow Technolust: Thought Crimes and all other VR projects, reporting back with the latest updates on their progress.

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