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Oculus VR’s Lanman to Host Talk at RTP Virtual Reality Enthusiasts [UPDATED]

Virtual reality (VR) meetups are not a new thing. Springing up across the globes, what were one casually organised meetings have lead to a sharing of ideas and VR projects en masse. The Raleigh, North Carolina, group has revealed that their next meetup will have a very special headline appearance in the form of Oculus VR’s Douglas Lanman.

Lanman, Research Scientist at Oculus VR R&D, will host a talk entitled ‘Thinking Inside the (Head-Mounted) Box: Compact Optics’ at this week’s event. The description of the talk reads: “Are you starting to wonder exactly how HMDs work? This talk will put you inside the (head-mounted) box: providing a tutorial and an open forum to discuss the history of HMD optical designs for both virtual and augmented reality.”


At Oculus VR, Lanman’s research is focused on computational displays and imaging systems. An emphasis is placed upon developing compact optics for head-mounted displays, glasses-free 3D displays, light field cameras, and active illumination for 3D reconstruction and interaction.

Hosted at the Brooks Building, UNC, RTP Virtual Reality Enthusiasts’ latest event will take place on 9th April 2015, at 12:30pm EDT. You can find out more details on the event’s meetup page and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest talks from Oculus VR personnel.

UPDATE: We’ve been contacted by Douglas Lanman on Twitter to make you aware of additional details. The event is being hosted by the Computer Science department of the University of North Carolina and is open to UNC Chapel Hill community. You can find out more here: http://cs.unc.edu/event/douglas-lanman-department-colloquium/

Our thanks to Doug for the additional information.

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