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Sisters key art

Otherworld Announces VR Horror Sequel Sisters 2

It’s a busy time for virtual reality (VR) developer, Otherworld. The studio has recently revealed two entries into the ongoing Oculus Mobile VR Jam in the social app Starport and the educational Share the Science: Climate Change. Despite having these two projects in the works for at least the next three weeks as the Jam continues, the developer is already planning to start work on a sequel to its popular horror title, Sisters, for the Google Cardboard smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD).


The developer announced the new title, simply named Sisters 2, over on its Twitter account. The studio has confirmed to VRFocus that it will being work on the videogame following the VR Jam’s conclusion on 11th May 2015. No details about that sequel have been shared at this time, although the developer has also confirmed that the original sisters has passed a total of 100,000 downloads on the Android operating system (OS), which the developer claims makes it the most played VR horror videogame.

Available for free, the original Sisters took the form of an immersive 360 degree visual and audio experience set in a digitally-painted abandoned house that used to be occupied by the titular sisters. Described as a ‘VR ghost story’, players will uncover what became of these sisters, though they will soon find that they aren’t alone in the house. The title responds to the direction in which players are looking in, triggering certain events.

VRFocus will continue to follow Otherworld’s work with VR titles, reporting back with the latest updates on them.

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