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Pokémon Snap Meets Dinosaurs In ‘The Lost Valley VR’

Another new title for Oculus VR Share is ‘The Lost Valley VR’ by Paper Crane Games. Inspired a little by Pokémon Snap, which is even acknowledged by the developer in the VR Share comments, the demo has you journey through space-time to the age of the dinosaurs.Lost Valley VR - 1The aim of the game is to record your subsequent adventures travelling through the valley with your camera. Travelling by boat you’re constantly moving so you need to work to take the best pictures of dinosaurs and the environment that you can. The photos are subsequently judged when the trip is over. At least, without getting squashed or being considered as a potential meal.

Supported by the Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted device (HMD) the demo is available now.

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