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PrioVR Targets June 2015 Release & Post-Kickstarter Opportunites

YEI Technology has issued a new update on their funded PrioVR Kickstarter project, indicating a desired shipping date of June 2015.  The initial campaign proved to be exceptionally popular, raising over four times its initial $75,000 USD goalPrioVR is a full virtual reality (VR) suit consisting of sensors, a chest harness, headband, tracking hub and hand controllers with additional elements on higher tier suits. With backers attracted to a wireless package allowing for natural full-body tracking and interaction within a environment in real-time.

PrioVR Serenity Hand-controller Redesign

Delivery on the project has been slower than anticipated. The initial delivery date for PrioVR was a year ago this month with subsequent delays owing to a number of factors, including a production redesign of the system’s ‘Serenity’ hand-controllers. However, according to YEI Technology, feedback during the development cycle has been ‘excellent’.  As such throughout this period they have moved into a position where they can consider the PrioVR as a viable consumer product after their Kickstarter obligations are completed.

Three ‘post-Kickstarter’ packages have been now confirmed to being produced, based on the same three tiers within the Kickstarter campaign.

The Prio-Lite suit will be priced at $395.00 USD. The Prio-Core, which contains an additional four sensors and knee bracers, has a mark-up of $495.00, whilst the Prio-Pro suit which YEI Technology has targeted at users on a ‘Studio and Developer level’ and contains over twice the amount of sensors of the Prio-Lite as well as an additional components will be $645.00. YEI will also be supplying customers who buy the Prio-Pro with a set of replacement cables and two spare sensors. The equivalent, the makers note, of a ‘spare tyre’ for the set.

These bonuses are specifically for the post-Kickstarter retail version however, which has led to a backlash from a number of the higher tier backers. The move being described by one as ‘a bit of a slap in the face’ whilst others expressed concern that the June date is yet another delay for the system.

Whatever the case it appears PrioVR will be having a future beyond its Kickstarter and VRFocus will continue to follow the project and keep you up to date with the latest.

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