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Solarix Release Date Announced [UPDATED]

PulseTense Games’ intriguing science-fiction horror title, Solarix, has received an official release date. Set to launch on PC this month, Solarix will be available to download via Steam.

A stealth-based psychological horror adventure videogame set in the far reaches of space and the planet of Ancyra, Solarix casts the player as Walter, an electrical engineer who wakes up one day to find everything and everyone he ever knew has been destroyed by a virus. Walter quickly realises that his only option is escape, and partnering with a rogue AI he has to navigate the harsh landscape and deal with the after effects of the virus.


Solarix‘s gameplay is makes use of light and sound: stealth and cunning is key to Walter’s survival as ammunition is very limited. PulseTense Games have confirmed that the launch date for Solarix has been set for 30th April 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Solarix as it approaches release.

UPDATE: PulseTense Games has now confirmed there are no plans to officially support virtual reality (VR) at launch. Originally, Oculus Rift was a stretch goal on their Kickstarter campaign, which was not funded on its initial run. Whether or not the title will now see a VR launch remains to be seen. Should we hear any more we shall update you.

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