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Louie Cooks screenshot

Starlit Reveal VR Compatible Louie Cooks

Independent developer Starlit has recently revealed their debut virtual reality (VR) videogame project, Louie Cooks. A cartoon styled comedy videogame, Louie Cooks is currently in development for Windows, Linux and Mac formats, as well as Wii U, and will see a crowd-funding campaign launch next month.

Playing as Louie, Louie Cooks tasks the player with defending your ambitions against an unknown rival. Louie’s goal is to become a gourmet-marmalade-cook by travelling across the globe and collecting exotic fruits to cook with. However, the villain of the piece will attempt to ruin Louie’s efforts by sending hordes of enemies known as ‘the cuties’ to steal the fruit.


In order to progress through Louie Cooks the player must stand their ground against the cuties by scaring them off with head-movement and microphone input: look at the devilish foes and scream to keep them at bay. Louie Cooks is based on wave progression where the player will face increasing amounts of foes and a scoring system that includes combo-chains.

Posting on the IndieDB page for Louie Cooks, Starlit have revealed that an Indiegogo campaign will be launched next month in order to help with the costs of completing the videogame. VRFocus has contacted Starlit for more information and will report back with any further details on Louie Cooks.

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