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Take To The Skies With Steampunk Skyship On Oculus VR Share

Video game fans may recall with fondness SEGA title Skies of Arcadia (aka Eternal Arcadia) where you took on the role of a sky pirate sailing the skies with your crew and getting into all manner of escapades.  Whilst the likelihood of another trip with Vyse and the Blue Rogues is relatively low, let alone one in virtual reality (VR), there is a skyship experience out now on Oculus VR Share.

Steampunk Skyship (Oculus VR Share)

Steampunk Skyship, a concept project only at this stage, sees you able to walk around a 3D skyship loaded with canon as it sails through the clouds. Created as a class project by Caleb Pond and Michelle Villamarin at the University of Texas in Dallas, the app is confirmed tested for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) and whilst it has no interactive elements currently ‘there could be in the future’.

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