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Triangular Pixels: ‘All the chances’ to See Smash Hit Plunder on Other VR Platforms

There are few titles more closely associated with the Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) than Smash Hit Plunder. Developer Triangular Pixels was one of the first studios to announce its Gear VR project following the kit’s reveal back in September 2014. It’s also one of the rare experiences to take full advantage of the touchpad on Samsung’s device, allowing players to swipe to throw objects. But the title’s loyal support for Gear VR isn’t going to stop the videogame from potentially arriving on other HMDs in the future.


The developer’s Katie Goode suggested as much to VRFocus in an interview conducted at EGX Rezzed last month. “All the chances for all the platforms, effectively,” Goode explained. “We’re going to be looking at other platforms and meeting with people, seeing what they have to offer. But also looking at how the game performs on Gear VR. So we’ll see if people enjoy it, and people seem to be enjoying it here at the events. But when they actually download it themselves and try it themselves in their own space, we’ll see how it goes and then look at other platforms and look at other hardware as well.

“It’s not just the one input method potentially; we might look at controllers. It’s just a case of first thing’s first: let’s get this out, let’s see if this is working, let’s see if people enjoy it and let’s see where we are after that,” Goode concluded.

Smash Hit Plunder is yet to see its full release on Gear VR but did launch a demo version on the platform last week. The title is a first-person experience in which players try to gather as much loot as possible by picking up objects and throwing them against walls and smashing them on the floor. Goode didn’t suggest which other platforms the title could potentially arrive on, though, as the developer reveals in the full interview to be published this week, Smash Hit Plunder did start life as a prototype on the Oculus Rift PC HMD.

VRFocus will continue to follow Smash Hit Plunder. Check back later in the week for the full interview with Goode.

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