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Troopers VR Headset

Troopers VR Release Date Announced

Flauchers Finest have today announced the release date for their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) debut, Troopers VR. Set to launch on iOS devices and compatible with both Google Cardboard and the ZEISS VR One head-mounted displays (HMDs), Troopers VR is a shoot-’em-up heavily inspired by the Starship Troopers motion-picture franchise.

Troopers VR has the player dive into battle against fearsome alien insects. Three different planets are offered in Troopers VR and the videogame is controlled purely by line-of-sight: the player turns to look at the enemies they wish to shoot, similar to nDreams’ Gear VR exclusive, Gunner. Waves of enemies increase in number and aggression as the player attempts to rack-up a high score.


Optimised for iPhone 6 and the ZEISS VR One, Troopers VR includes an undistorted side-by-side more for stereoscopic 3D gameplay. Flaunchers Finest have also ensured that the videogame supports the VR One media launcher for direct play.

VR Troopers will be available to download via the App Store from 8th April 2015. No official price point has yet been revealed, but VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on VR Troopers.

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