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Darkfield VR

VR Bits Looking to Bring Darkfield to Project Morpheus & HTC Vive

VR Bits has established a reputation for delivering high quality virtual reality (VR) experiences without demanding a high price tag. Their first release, Nighttime Terror, launched on Gear VR earlier this year and has been well received. Prior to that however, came a successful Kickstarter campaign for Darkfield on the Oculus Rift. The success of that Kickstarter may not limit the space combat videogame to just the one head-mounted display (HMD), it seems.

In a recent mailing list update for fans of VR Bits and Kickstarter backers, the team openly discussed that while there are no plans for further adaptations of Darkfield at present, the team are certainly not ruling it out. An entry specifically concerning Sony Computer Entertainment’s Project Morpheus and the Valve/HTC Vive collaboration states:


“We have had a chance to try the HTC Vive at GDC and the Morpheus at the Sony Computer Entertainment America headquarters. Since we don’t have dev kits yet, we can’t announce official support at this time, but we are super excited about these devices. In case we get dev kits, we will almost certainly create a Darkfield game for these platforms.”

Whether or not VR Bits would port the existing Darkfield to additional HMDs or create an entirely new experience in the same universe is not known, but of course VRFocus will continue to follow developments from the studio and report back with any further details revealed.

  1. I can’t believe Sony hasn’t followed Oculus’s policy of giving as many HMDs out as possible to get as many devs on board and producing good games ready for Morpheus’ release. What the hell are they thinking? Are they trying to make it fail before it’s even released??? Heads should roll at Sony for this.

    1. Well they just reintroduced it last month, you have to give them time to send developers the new kit. They said that they would be sending out new dev kits as soon as possible.

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