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VR Coaster Ultra-Sushi-Go-Round Released for Oculus Rift

There are plenty of roller coaster-based virtual reality (VR) experiences available for those seeking thrill rides. Many of them take on unusual themes that wouldn’t be possible to replicate at real life theme parks. Ultra-Sushi-Go-Round from a developer named Cubic9 is one such title. The title is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and can currently be downloaded for free.


Rather than resembling a traditional roller coaster, Ultra-Sushi-Go-Round puts players on a sushi conveyer belt, as seen at many restaurants. The ride starts within a futuristic interpretation of these restaurants with robot chefs. However the conveyer belt quickly trails off outside and takes players on a brief ride through an urban environment before returning. Different plates of food line up in front of the player as they travel.

“When I was a child, I wanted to become small and ride on the dish of sushi-go-round,” Cubic9 explains on Ultra-Sushi-Go-Round‘s download page. “But there are no way in reality, so I gave up. But now, it is possible in a virtual reality space.

“That’s why I developed this “Ultra Sushi-Go-Round“. This app is a software for Oculus Rift. In a virtual reality space of this app, you ride on a dish of sushi-go-round. And now you sprint like a roller coaster.”

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