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VRCast Episode 1: Fire Panda’s Nick Pittom

Virtual reality (VR) technology is set to change the world. It’s not just about videogames, as anyone from Oculus VR, Valve, Samsung, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and more will tell you. VR’s reach expands much further, touching upon film, TV, music, sports, medical and military applications. It also presents some unique opportunities for journalism and how content is delivered to consumers. With that in mind, VRFocus is proud to present the first episode of the VRCast, a new monthly video podcast available first through head-mounted displays (HMD) and produced by Immersiv.ly.

In today’s first episode host and senior staff writer Jamie Feltham is joined by Editor-in-Chief Kevin Joyce and a special guest in Fire Panda’s, Nick Pittom. Take the fourth seat for yourself and join them as they discuss the recent Southwest Virtual Reality Conference (SWVRC) as well as Nick’s work on his upcoming project, Echo Red, along with other VR titles. Download it here.

You can currently watch the VRCast with an Oculus Rift. A 360-degree video player such a Kolor is needed to do.

The VRCast is going to be a monthly event, so make sure to let VRFocus know what you liked and didn’t like about the first episode. And be sure to be ready to fire off any questions you might have in a few weeks’ time when the next edition is recorded. Thanks for tuning in!


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