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War Thunder Receives Playable Walking Tanks for April Fools Day

Gaijin Entertainment have made a hobby out of April Fools day events, and today have added new content to the hugely popular War Thunder for the third year running. Following the GAIJILLA – a Godzilla-sized snail – in 2013 and the War Thunder Ponies from last year, today sees walking tanks added to War Thunder for one day only.

The Soviets began development of their highly experimental ST-1 (the walking tanks) and the SPS-255 (rubberised tank) prior to the beginning of World War II, and in honour of this innovation Gaijin Entertainment has released the experimental models for fans of War Thunder for 1st April 2015 only. Players who use Soviet, German, and American vehicles will have access to the walking tanks, for which War Thunder developers received top-secret access to the remaining units and were able to study their manoeuvrability and defences.


In addition to ST-1s, War Thunder players will also get access to the SPS-255. The concept of the SPS-255 was to provide a tank with easy manoeuvrability and armour that was able to deflect enemy’s ammo. Rather than traditional armour, the outer shell of the SPS-255 reinforced consisted of rubberised steel that created a bouncing effect the rejected the enemy’s ammo.

To provide players with simulation quality gameplay, Gaijin Entertainment has implemented hit points so that players can try to exploit both tank’s limited vulnerability. Players wanting to experience the ST-1 and SPS-255, which are only available today, should visit the “Events” section in War Thunder. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on War Thunder and other virtual reality (VR) compatible titles from Gaijin Entertainment.

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