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Warped Imagination Reveals THRAX for Mobile VR Jam

With over 500 entries, Oculus VR’s Mobile VR Jam has already been a clear success, weeks before any winners have been selected. The competition, which is tasking studios with creating new virtual reality (VR) videogames and apps for the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD), has led to the reveal of a number of unique and exciting VR experiences over the past week. Joining them today is THRAX from indie developer Warped Imagination, a new company consisting of one developer, former Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) employee David Green.


THRAX is a shoot ’em up that revolves around a holotable as seen in the picture above. Players will use a control to pilot a unit through a war scenario. Tasked with taking out a range of objects, players will use weapons to fight off enemies from the comfort of a command centre.

“Holotable’s in virtual reality enable a depth perception into an otherwise flat gameplay and with the addition of surrounding holograms of a ships’ health status, weapon selection and mission maps the virtual scene can become the ultimate command center,” the developer notes on THRAX‘s official site.

It appears that THRAX is another entry into the videogame category of the Mobile VR Jam. Winners of the ‘Platinum’ award in this track will secure some $200,000, while ‘Gold’ videogame winners will earn $100,000. The ‘Silver’ prize for videogames is worth $50,000, while ‘Bronze’ offers $10,000. For apps, ‘Platinum’ gets $100,000, ‘Gold’ earns $50,000, ‘Silver’ is worth $30,000 and ‘Bronze’ earns $10,000.

Green has previously worked on other VR projects such as Zombie in a Room, Bad X and Old Sparky. Each of these titles were hackathon experiments. VRFocus will continue to follow Warped Imagination’s work in VR and all other VR Jam entrants, reporting back with the latest updates from the studio.

  1. Will the developers have any way to offer their content efforts to the public other than hoping to get it through Milk VR with it’s curation and approval process?

    I recently met someone trying to do that and was told the approval process is difficult, demanding and slow. That spells highly selective, i.e. the antithesis of open.

    1. They wouldn’t be able to get THRAX on Milk VR as that is for videos and these are games/experiences/apps.

      Well over 500 submissions were made to the Jam so that’s pretty open!

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