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After The Plague Brings an Eerie ‘What If?’ Experience To Oculus VR Share

The Black Death sometime referred to as the bubonic plague, ravaged Europe in the middle of the fourteenth century. The disease, carried by fleas on rats (not the rats themselves as many mistakenly think) succeeded in killing 1.5 million in England alone over a two year period – over a third of the then population. After the Plague takes you to one such medieval town, touched by the deadly disease except that in this eerie place the entire population has succumbed to the disease.

After The Plague

Developed by Jurgen Ziewe, this virtual reality (VR) experience lets you journey through a town where you aren’t sure what awaits you around the corner, are you really alone or has something else taken up residence besides the rats?

Currently a single scene acting as a tester for the work to come it is an interesting idea and an experience you may well want to try out. It is compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) and is available now to download on Oculus VR Share.

Come back to VRFocus tomorrow to see what other new additions have been added to the Oculus VR Share platform.

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