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Barren Dev Planning to Take Title Beyond Mobile VR Jam, New Video Revealed

One of the more intriguing videogames to feature in VRFocus‘ ongoing coverage of the Mobile VR Jam thus far is Barren from indie developer Papercut. The title tasks players with restoring a desolate planet to self-sustaining life in virtual reality (VR). Work on the VR Jam version of Barren is of course now completed given the deadline for final submissions to be made to Oculus VR has now passed. However, Papercut appears to have plans for the title outside of the competition. A new video for the title has also been revealed, can be seen below.

The developer has confirmed to VRFocus that it hopes to take Barren beyond the Mobile VR Jam, which mainly gave the team a chance to showcase its idea. It’s not clear if these plans are limited to just the Gear VR seeing as Oculus VR itself recently confirmed that Jam entries can be ‘cross-published’ on other HMDs.

The video below, taken as part of the title’s fourth milestone, shows a playthrough of Barren running at double the speed. The first-person experience sees players using seeds to grow new plants and flowers which will unlock new options for options. The title starts out with a simple range that will grow into a more impressive selection of larger trees and more as players progress. As such, it’s eventually possible to create a vast and varied environment for players to enjoy.

VRFocus will continue to follow Barren closely, reporting back with any further updates on the title.

Barren Milestone 4 from Papercut on Vimeo.

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