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Declare Cyber War On Bunnies In Oculus VR Share Title Attack On Rabbit

Today’s Oculus VR Share spotlight might not best the best for suffers of Leporiphobia, for those who don’t know what that is sufferers of Leporiphobia have a profound fear of rabbits. Conversely at the same time this may actually be good for those same individuals!

Attack On Rabbit

Developed by Adam Green, Jesper Tingvall and Henrik Henrikson as part of the LIU Spring Gamejam 2015 where the theme was ‘Disruptive’ and ‘Rabbits’, Attack On Rabbit, is a flight simulator with a cyberpunk feel that has you fly your spaceship through a scrolling city full of skyscrapers. Which would be fine except for the fact their roofs are populated by numerous dancing cyberbunnies. Since your character isn’t that keen on bunnies, or it seems dancing, the aim of the game is to destroy as many as you possibly can with your ships onboard weapons systems. There is no apparent timer so your limit is only your ability to navigate your ship through the purple and grey towers.

The game can be controlled either by joystick or via a keyboard and is compatible with both the DK 1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted device (HMD).

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