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All Is Dust

All Is Dust Gets Greenlight On Steam

Late last month VRFocus reported on the launch of a Steam Greenlight campaign for a new virtual reality (VR) compatible horror videogame by the name of All is Dust. Just weeks on and developer Mannequin Games already has reason to celebrate; All is Dust has passed its Greenlight campaign, meaning it has been approved for sale on Valve’s digital PC store. When it does release, the title will feature full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).


All is Dust is a first-person horror title set in 1931 in Oklahoma following the disastrous Dust Bowl event. Players are cast as farmer and father Thomas Joad, who begins to investigate strange noises out on his farm over the course of three nights. The title is mainly exploration-based, though the developer notes that these core sections will be interspersed with more intense horror segments.

According to the developer, players must “Explore the dried up farm to find clues to what’s going on. Evade and outsmart the dangers of the field. Unravel the events leading up to these horrific nights. Try to come to terms with your fragile existence.”

Mannequin Games hopes to launch All is Dust as a completely free experience during summer 2015. VRFocus will continue to follow the title, reporting back with any further updates on it.

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