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Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Now Launching Tomorrow, New Details Revealed

Last week saw Frontier Developments delay the Beta testing for Elite: Dangerous Powerplay, the anticipated third major update to the virtual reality (VR) supported space simulation title. The launch was only pushed back by a week, however, and the developer has now confirmed that the beta will be launching tomorrow, 26th May 2015. Along with this news, Frontier Developments has confirmed some brand new details about the release.


As Executive Producer Michael Brookes explains in this week’s Elite: Dangerous fan newsletter, the short delay meant that the Beta would include changes to the title’s collision laws. Elsewhere, players will see some brand new notifications when reaching their next ranks in the Pilots Federation. Mining values on asteroids are also now stored ‘on a Commander basis’, preventing players from mining a mined out resource. “And for a different type of mining – mines will now do Thermic as well as explosive damage and so making them a bit more effective,” Brooke revealed.

“As with all of our updates there’s a considerable number of fixes and tweaks including some stability fixes for the Mac and PC versions,” he continued. “The black hole effect was missing in certain systems – this has now been fixed. The docking computer will now work at outposts. We’ve also made shields persist into supercruise so you can no longer gain an instant recharge by skipping into supercruise and then back into the fight.”

Brookes also mentioned one of the two new ships that will be added. He detailed the base Imperial Courier, which is a ‘reasonably quick ship’ with a speed of 277. It also boasts a ‘modest jump distance’ of 7.81 light years. It costs just over twice as much as the Lakon Type 6. It has three medium hardpoints with 4 utility hardpoints and as standard 12 tonnes cargo capacity.

The Beta delay also means that the full launch of the Elite: Dangerous Powerplay update has also been pushed, though it’s not yet clear when to. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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