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Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Update Adds Characters, Power-Specific Weapons + Modules

Last week saw Frontier Developments finally reveal its anticipated third major update to its virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation experience, Elite: Dangerous. The Elite: Dangerous Powerplay update will add key new features to the PC title, the most important of which being the faction-based ‘Powers’ system that allows players to ally themselves with and complete tasks for new factions in order to gain perks and more. But that’s not all that’s set to be introduced in Powerplay, as Frontier Development’s David Braben recently revealed.


Braben hosted a Q&A session on the Elite: Dangerous Powerplay update on the title’s official forums following its announcement. For example, the designer was asked if new characters would be introduced in the drop. “Yes,” he replied. “Powers, and their associated characters will come and go. The ‘go’ will often be due to them dying…”

Braben was lso asked the same about possible new weapons and modules to arrive in Powerplay. “For some of the Powers we are looking at Power-specific modules and weapons,” he teased. “More info to come <<< Announcement.”

Elsewhere, the designer was asked if the update would be replacing the previously-added community goals system. “Certainly not!” Braben answered. “Community goals will still be used in game, and can connect with Powerplay – for example: a campaign of goals to elevate a minor faction to a Power.”

Finally, the developer confirmed that Elite: Powerplay would be fixing some of the bugs brought about in the previous update, Wings.

Fans can expect to hear more on the release of the update in the near future. The new content should also be available in the initial releases of both the Mac and Xbox One versions of Elite: Dangerous. Frontier Developments also anticipates bringing the title to the PlayStation 4, although this won’t happen until an exclusivity agreement on the Xbox One has been reached. It’s not yet clear if the PlayStation 4 version could support the Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD). The PC version, released in December 2014, already supports the Oculus Rift.

VRFocus will continue to follow Elite: Dangerous closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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