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Epic Reveals Finalists for Big Data VR Challenge

Back in March 2015 Epic Games partnered with The Wellcome Trust to launch ‘The Big Data VR Challenge‘. This unique competition tasked developers with using virtual reality (VR) to find intuitive ways to interact with and make connections between large amounts of data. Today sees Epic Games announced the six teams that will be working on their pitched concepts.


Those teams are the Canada-based Pi and Power, Australia-based Opaque Multimedia, Netherlands-based Skip the Intro, Scottish team Soluis, and LumaPie and Hammerhead VR, both of which are based in England. Pairs of teams will be working with scientists from research projects. Skip the Intro and Soluis will collaborate with The Casebooks Project, which is creating a digital edition of one of the largest medical records in history. LumaPie and Opaque Multimedia are working on a birth cohort study named ALSPAC/Children of the 90s. Finally, Pi and Power and Hammerhead VR are working on The Genome Browser, used amongst genome researchers.

These teams will be now be working on their concepts until the Developer: Brighton conference in July, where their entries will be demonstrated before being judged. The winning team will be awarded $20,000 USD.

“Big Data is being amassed within thousands of companies and organisations. Gathering and collating all of this information is great, but without a meaningful way of analyzing it, identifying patterns or sequences can be incredibly difficult. This Challenge, although relatively humble at this stage, could produce the tools required to grapple with the digital mountains of data that currently reside around the world today,” commented Professor Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager at Epic Games.

VRFocus will continue to follow The Big Data VR Challenge, reporting back with the latest on it,

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