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FOVE Passes Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier in the week a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign was launched for a brand new virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) known as FOVE. The company behind the device was looking to raise $250,000 USD in order to bring its kit, which uniquely emphasises eye-tracking as a means of control and more, to market. It hasn’t taken long for FOVE to surpass that goal, having beaten it this morning with the help of over 630 backers. There is still a total of 42 days on the clock before the campaign’s 4th July 2015 closing date.


Unlike other HMDs, FOVE features eye-tracking support for its 2560×1440 display. As such, eye movement and direction can be used as a form of input control such as efficiently navigating a user interface (UI) by simply glancing at which options to select or using direction as a means of aiming in shooter videogames. It can also be used for ‘foveated rendering’, allowing experiences to shift focus to the areas in which a user is specifically looking at. This approach is useful for low-end hardware, which will have an easier time rendering experiences.

The earliest editions of the FOVE HMD, which were available for $300 through the Kickstarter campaign, are now gone. Instead, those interested can still pledge $375 in order to secure a kit that will be shipped out in May 2016. Backer rewards for the device continue up to $7,500, where 10 fans will have the opportunity to visit the company at its offices in Tokyo, Japan, sampling some of the latest work on the device and its compatible videogames. Possible stretch goals for the campaign are yet to be revealed.

It certainly seems as its FOVE could be another big player in the VR space within a year’s time, then. VRFocus also recently spoke to co-founder Lochlainn Wilson about the project. VRFocus will continue to follow the kit closely, reporting back with the latest updates on its progress.

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