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Gear VR S6

Gear VR has Seen Around 70 Apps in 120 Days, Samsung Reveals

Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) has been crawling out to various territories in different forms since December 2014. The kit first launched with compatibility for the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone in the USA, eventually coming to other countries and releasing a new version with support for the Galaxy S6. It’s been a busy six months for the device, then, and the amount of content arriving for the kit proves it.

Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s Matt Apfel confirmed as much speaking at the 2015 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo today in San Jose, California. Apfel revealed that the first 120 days of Gear VR being available have seen around 70 apps released on the device. Many of these have been free experiences and demos given that Gear VR first launched without a commercial store.

Gear VR is expected to see its third iteration later this year, although the next version will be a consumer-focused device. It’s not clear what improvements the new device will make.

VRFocus will continue to follow the Gear VR closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.

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