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Google Cardboard App Now Available for iOS Devices

Following the announcement that Google Cardboard would offer support for iOS devices at Google I/O, San Francisco, today, Google has launched the application. Available to download via iTunes now, the Google Cardboard application is a free to all users.

Google Cardboard has become a mainstay of the virtual reality (VR) community, often considered an ‘entry level’ experience. Indeed, Google VP of Product Manufacturing, Clay Bavor, today stated that it was Google Cardboard’s initial objective to ‘make VR accessible to everyone’. The head-mounted display (HMD) goes one stage further with this today, now available to audiences without Android based smartphones.

Google Cardboard Urban Hike

The Google Cardboard application helps you set up a Cardboard viewer and includes a few experiences to get you started, such as Explorer, Urban Hike and Kaleidoscope. The iOS version of the Google Cardboard application can be downloaded now via iTunes.

Google Cardboard will continue to thrive in the VR market, with new initiatives such as Expeditions and Jump announced today alongside a redesign of the HMD itself. VRFocus will continue to follow Google I/O and report back with any further developments in the field of VR.

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