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Mortal Blitz VR Demo Launches on Gear VR

A new Gear VR title has appeared in the Oculus Home store: a demo version of the forthcoming Mortal Blitz VR. Developed by Skonec Entertainment, Mortal Blitz VR: Lite Version is available to download for all Gear VR owners now.

Cast as a special agent, the player is trapped in a secret research facility. In order to escape with your life intact, as well as saving the rest of the human race, the player must battle against the Teratoma mutants for survival. Mortal Blitz VR: Lite Version will have you fight a variety of mutated monsters in a science-fiction setting.


Mortal Blitz VR: Lite Version is labelled as a ‘run-and-gun arcade shooter’ and is played from a first-person perspective without the need for a bluetooth gamepad. The download, available for free, weighs in at 86.31MB. No official release date for the full Mortal Blitz VR has been announced yet, but VRFocus will of course keep you updated with all the latest from Skonec Entertainment.

  1. Pretty cool demo I really enjoyed this. If they fix the dialogue sequences with better voice acting it could be a fun little game. They did a good job with movement in this game which didn’t cause any motion sickness.

  2. Run and gun?? There is no running in this demo. Painfully slow dialog screens.

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