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New Pre-Alpha World War Toons Screenshot Revealed

Since its announcement Reload Studios’ virtual reality (VR) title World War Toons has peaked peoples interest with people, ourselves at VRFocus included, curious as to how the cartoon-style multiplayer shooter will work out in VR. Now with the recent pre-E3 Unreal Engine developers blog, a new screenshot has given us a glimpse into the videogame’s progress.

World War Toons

The pre-Alpha build screenshot appears to show that the comedic overtones of the trailer may well be carried over into the actual game itself. The early image showing one Allied soldier riding a large ACME-style rocket of TNT through the war torn streets, presumably on the way to do significant damage to the enemy force – though at what cost to the rider we can at this time only guess.

For more details about World War toons be sure to view our exclusive interview with Executive Producer Pete Blumel on where Reload Studios see the videogame heading.

VRFocus will continue to follow Reload Studios and its work on World War Toons, reporting back with updates on the project as we get them.


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