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New VR Studio Phaser Lock Interactive to be Revealed this Month

Last weekend saw virtual reality (VR) developer Owlchemy Labs host the Austin Room-Scale VR Jam using the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD). The event went down as a huge success, with a number of teams creating new prototypes for the device, utilising the Room-Scale tracking that’s provided by Valve and its SteamVR system. Among the teams was what appears to be a new studio by the name of Phaser Lock Interactive. It would seem that this team, dedicated to VR and augmented reality (AR) development, will be revealed later on this month.


Phaser Lock Interactive was first mentioned on Owlchemy Labs’ blog post summing up the Jam. Following a link through to its official website reveals a homepage with a countdown marked ‘Launch Date’ that’s set to end on 25th May 2015. Four categories can also be seen on this page, including VR, AR, ‘Virtual 360’, and ‘Mobile App Development’. An About page also reveals the team to be based in Austin, Texas, consisting of Chief Technical Officer John Nagle, Chief Creative Officer Michael Daubert and design director Eddy Cramm.

“Phaser Lock Interactive is a creative studio specializing in immersive experiences within the Virtual and Augmented Reality world,” a description on the About page reads. “Created by industry video game and entertainment veterans, Phaser Lock Interactive combines game play with cinematic experiences, delivering a blended reality that previously thought futuristic and impossible. From swimming with mermaids and exploring deep space, visiting loss civilizations or communicating with historical figures, Phaser Lock Interactive will take you there…and beyond. Welcome to Phaser Lock Interactive.”

According to Owlchemy Labs, Phaser Lock Interactive VR Jam entry was named Final Approach and saw players managing traffic at an airport. A picture of the title’s development, taken by Lauren Ellis, can be seen above. Exactly what the team will be revealing later in the month is currently unclear.

VRFocus will continue to follow Phaser Lock Interactive closely, reporting back with any further updates from the team.

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