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Relax, Unwind, Change The World In Oculus Mobile Jam Title Perihelion


Continuing the wide variety of entries into the Oculus Mobile Jam is Perihelion, a new relaxation tool for the Samsung Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD). Created in Unity by American duo Jason Seip and Vance Soulders, the pair have developed Perihelion as a biofeedback experience where your physical state noticeably alters the world around you.

Perihelion - 1

Utilizing Microsoft Band in the title, this latest relaxation and meditation experience in virtual reality (VR) has the user surrounded by tranquil visuals and peaceful audio as their state of relaxation increases. Through interaction with the environment, it will increasingly transform in its serenity along with your sense of peace.

This then becomes the goal of the user, to relax themselves to a point where the world reaches a pinnacle of beauty and so by extension a pinnacle of relaxation and stress management within themselves. Consisting of one environment for now, the developers have indicated the possibility of additional experiences with a more deliberately antagonistic situation initially, thus requiring a greater degree of personal control.

The experience is being enhanced by providing additional statistics and feedback to the user via the Microsoft Band in order to help users understand their own personal levels. You can find out more about Perihelionhere at the Oculus VR Mobile Jam 2015 submissions page. 

VRFocus will continue to spotlight further Gear VR titles from this latest Oculus Jam over the coming days.



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