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Gear VR S6

S6 Gear VR to Get Some Content Before Note 4 Version Due to ‘performance reasons’

When Samsung revealed a new version of its Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) back in March 2015, it confirmed that all previous content would support the device. The new iteration of the kit swaps compatibility with the Galaxy Note 4 enlarged handset for the company’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S6 and its curved spin-off, S6 Edge. One might assume that Samsung would keep this parity between the two HMDs in place going forward. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however; certain content released for Gear VR in the past week is only compatible with the newer HMD.


Reports of the situation first came in with this week’s reveal of Battle for Avengers Tower, which made specific note of the Gear VR for S6 in its description. Oculus VR’s BaconVR later confirmed the news. As revealed in a regular Gear VR update, some new arrivals to the Oculus VR Store that hosts compatible content can currently only be downloaded on Gear VR for S6. These include Shironeko VR Project, Battle for Avengers Tower, and Omega Agent. But this isn’t down to Samsung favouring the newer product, rather waiting for the content to be optimised so that it can comfortably run on the Note 4.

“This is due to performance reasons and we’re working with the developers to optimize them for the Note 4,” the Oculus VR employee noted. “There will be some device compatibility issues as we move forward and bring VR to more phones, but we’ll always do our best to make sure we target as many device types as possible.”

A timeframe wasn’t given for just when these releases might appear on the original Gear VR. It remains to be seen how this will affect future iterations of the HMD and new phones; Samsung and Oculus VR are expected to reveal a new, ‘full consumer’ version of the kit in the former’s next release cycle, which traditionally takes place around September. Presumably, the new kit would release with the next major smartphone release from Samsung, thus feature software optimised for more powerful hardware. Is it possible that the earlier versions of Gear VR will fall behind as a result?

VRFocus will continue to follow Gear VR closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

  1. I tried to post a relevant comment here but was refused and my comment was totally lost because I was connected through a VPN. This is entirely unacceptable and will result in my banning your site from my browser unless fixed. VPN usage is no longer optional.

    1. Firstly, yes, it they are optional. The only reason they would not be is due to what you might be doing online. Having a VPN on VRF is not an essential addition and there is no add-on to the site that prevents it.

      I’ve tested the site with a VPN on and had no issue, the comment just going through to approvals. What VPN service/country are you getting this issue? Additionally what message is being shown after posting, since it is strange that it would apparently let you make a comment in the first place if it was just going to refuse you.

  2. Easy fix. have been doing it all evening for people.
    Simply log in to your oculus account on a S6 and press the free button or the $9.95 button and then press accept or the buy button and then after it processes the request you log in on your note 4 and then it is in your library waiting for you to install it to your note 4.

    Very simple and they work perfectly. So is it really a performance3 issue or is it a flagship phone that they are trying to make people go and buy??

  3. I hope our friends of xda developers (or someone else) find the way to make it work on Note 4. Wait for Samsung (considering previous announcements like this) will be an eternity.

    1. Samsung is too busy working on the Note 5 to care about peoples Note 4 problems.

  4. Is VR worth it yet? I’ve toyed with the idea of looking into a headset for my note 4 but last I knew the program pool was pretty limited.

  5. I call bs. Just switched the model number to G920F in the build.prop and the apps work just fine. Avengers has shows a black screen after a while, but that could just be a fluke (need to try with a custom kernel with the S6’s GPU drivers).

  6. The problem is a driver bug in the GPU of the snapdragon version of the Note 4.

    This bug causes a big performance hit on some games when the Note 4 runs Android 5.x (lollypop).

    Oculus and qualcomm are working on solving the problem. So: stop the “they are leaving the N4 behind” conspiracy theories. It’s a temporary driver problem – nothing more.

  7. I’m wondering, if I use my phone for files & data, and camera will I still have these issues they speak about? I don’t really play games except one it comes with…

  8. This people really need to make one universal headset for all Samsung phones it’s pretty ridiculous to have to buy one piece of plastic headpiece for every version of their phone.

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