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Salvaged to be ‘Reborn’ as ‘SWAT-style tactical shooter’

Many virtual reality (VR) fans will have heard of UK-based developed Opposable Games over the past few months, as the studio was responsible for hosting the South West VR Conference (SWVRC) back in February 2015. The team has also been working on its very own VR compatible videogame, Salvaged, which sadly failed a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign last year but has remained in production ever since. However, it appears that Salvaged will differ quite dramatically from what was originally seen when it’s next shown.


Opposable Games has revealed that it has been planning a ‘rebirth’ of its PC title. This new interpretation will keep the original’s core mechanic of using either a tablet and PC to command a squad through hostile environments, though the ‘run ‘n’ gun’ gameplay that was first seen has been swapped out for a ‘SWAT-style tactical shooter’.

“Adding a tactical element to the gameplay gives rise to natural pauses in the game’s flow,” the developer’s Dan Dowsing recently noted in a blog detailing the changes. “With these natural pauses the player no longer feels overwhelmed by the dual screens they’re playing with; rather the system and the gameplay compliment each other. The player is naturally given time to use the control tablet without the worry that they’re being overwhelmed, and then time to observe the outcome of their decisions on the main screen. I shan’t go into deeper detail about the gameplay … yet but, overall, this redesign will breathe new life into Salvaged, giving the game its own exciting identity.”

Elsewhere, Salvaged will also be seeing an increased focus on story. The original version, which saw players gather resources from decimated ships, has been improved with new characters, each of which with their own roles to play. “I believe that good characters create an emotional bond with the game, giving the player’s actions a sense of purpose,” Page noted in another blog. “When I say ‘good characters’ I don’t mean their moral standing but rather how interesting and believable they are. I’m a firm believer that stories should have character, and characters should have a story.”

It’s currently not clear when Salvaged will be reintroduced. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.

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