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Solarix May See VR Support Through VorpX

It’s a busy time for PulseTense Games, the indie developer that recently defied a failed Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign by launching its horror title, Solarix, onto Steam. Virtual reality (VR) fans may recall that the Kickstarter effort had included a stretch goal for support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), though this obviously was not met. As such, Solarix has launched without support for VR, though the developer has recently suggested to VRFocus that integration may come further down the line.


Solarix recently informed VRFocus that it has been testing Solarix with vorpX, a popular software that allows a number of Direct X9, 10 and 11 compatible videogames to be played in VR in stereoscopic 3D. “we have been playing around with VorpX & had some success. It isn’t native support but it is something,” the developer wrote. “Stay tuned.” As the statement suggests, it’s not clear if Pulsetense Games will adapt Solarix to more easily support vorpX or VR in the future, though it certainly seems like a possibility.

PulseTense Games Head, Baris Tarimcioglu, recently explained to VRFocus that more official VR support would be dependent on Solarix‘s sales. “VR was indeed very much part of the plan during the Kickstarter campaign,” he said. “Obviously, we did not achieve our Kickstarter goals, so we have self-fund the game through to completion. With limited resources available we focused on getting the core game out there. Expansions to the game, including VR compatibility, will need to be funded through sales and as such it is simply too early to comment any further.”

Solarix is a first-person stealth horror experience that calls upon classic scares for a new generation. The story sees an electrical engineer fight off an infection that reaches an interstellar research station. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with any further updates on it.

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