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Steam Greenlight Title Dungeon Nightmares II Reveals New Oculus Footage

Indepentantly developed videogame Dungeon Nightmares II, a sequel to the original Dungeon Nightmares a horror roguelike initially released on mobile back in 2013, has released two new videos. Both showing how far the title, which has now passed its Steam Greenlight campaign and is progressing towards an official launch on Steam.

The two-part playtest from developer K Monkey shows the title running for the first time on the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted device (HMD), giving users a glimpse of what creeping through the dark abandoned tunnels (or are they?) will feel like for virtual reality (VR) users.

The developers note that there is still ‘lots of work to be done’ in order to get the game working as they would wish it, however early indications are that it is coming along nicely. Another recent update introduced followers to an early look at a new dungeon adversary, ‘The Tortured Soul’. An eerily floating bloodstained figure similar in looks to a mannequin, but with the ability to appear and disappear as it creeps up on you. You can see a teaser video of this in action here.

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Dungeon Nightmares II and other virtual reality Steam Greenlight titles.


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