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Take A Trip Into Nature With Pacific Trail 3D On Oculus VR Share


We’ve noticed a few comments recently over whether 360 degree video should really be classed as virtual reality (VR). Whatever your stance however such videos can be shown on VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) and as such they can be part of the Oculus VR Share platform.  Today’s experience that we are spotlighting is such a video, a documentary no less.

Pacific Trail


Created by Hexa 360 (Virtual LA: Venice Beach, Virtual LA: Hollywood Blvd), Pacific Trail 3D is described as a ‘love letter’ to the natural surroundings found along the coastline Northern California. The short documentary, complete with narration adapted from the works of naturalist John Muir, Pacific Trail 3D takes you from coast into the middle of the rich redwood forests of the region on a trip from location to location along the forest pathway, past brooks and over bridges.


Pacific Trail 3D, whilst not a fully 360 experience (X / Y Coverage: 280° x 75° according to the Share page) does bring you to a new location many of you have not been and will be of interest to those who are seeking to relax or who have an interest in nature. In a nice touch whilst compatible with the DK1 and DK2 Oculus Rift, users can find a video tutorial from the developer on how to set up your HMD to play the experience. This can be found here.


VRFocus will continue to spotlight new additions to Oculus VR Share, check back regularly to see what is next.

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