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Tammeka Games

Tammeka Games Teases New Project For Oculus Release Window

Yesterday’s developments with the consumer version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display system have proven a hit with many developers and virtual reality (VR) aficionados. Early this morning this was echoed on Twitter by Tammeka Games, best known as the developers of futuristic racer Radial-G.


‘We are of course very excited by the public reveal of the Oculus consumer release window details’ Tammeka notes, ‘and will have at least one VR game ready!’

The key part here is at the end of the tweet. Radial-G of course already supports current versions of Oculus Rift on the Steam Early Access version of the videogame. In fact, it was celebrated specifically for its VR playability this week when it was revealed to be one of the winning submissions for Game On 2.0, securing pride of place in an exhibition on VR videogames. Assuming, then, that the one title ready for the launch window would indeed be Radial-G, what else is being worked on by the team? With no other projects currently known to being worked on by Tammeka Games it seems that we have our first confirmation that the development team there are at working on at least one other new virtual reality videogame.

VRFocus will bring you all the details on this mystery project as soon as they are revealed, additionally come back later today for more news relating to Radial-G.

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