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Two VR Talks Scheduled for Google I/O, One Including Triangular Pixels

With Microsoft’s Build developer conference now done and dusted, the next major technology event to look forward to is Google I/O, the annual conference from the search engine giant. The company has seen an increased presence in the virtual reality (VR) space over the past year thanks to its Cardboard smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD), and will be hosting two talks centred around the technology at its event on 28th and 29th May. One of these will include Smash Hit Plunder developer, Triangular Pixels.


The studio’s Katie Goode will be appearing at the ‘Make Believe’ talk with Google’s Shanee Nishry, talking about lessons learnt from working with VR. Nishry herself is a Games Developer Advocate, working to enhance VR on the Android operating system (OS). Both herself and Goode have appeared on the UK’s Top 100 Women in Games in 2015 from MCV. The talk will be taking place of both days of the event in San Francisco, listed for 14:00 PDT on 28th May and 12:00 on 29th May.

The latter day also holds a talk titled ‘Designing for virtual reality’, which will be hosted by Google’s Alex Faaborg, Erica Morse, Jon Wiley, and Manuel Clement. Taking place at 11:00, the talk will “review common interactive patterns for virtual reality applications that work well. We’ll also discuss best practices for rapid prototyping in virtual reality, and what the Google VR design team has learned from crafting virtual reality applications.” Each speaker is currently working as part of the Cardboard team.

Google I/O looks to be a worthwhile event for those working with the company’s Cardboard concept, then. Google itself recently updated its system with a new ‘Works with Google Cardboard’ approval rating and changes to its software development kit (SDK). VRFocus will continue to follow Google Cardboard and Google I/O, reporting back with the latest updates.

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