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VR Jam Finalists Spotlight: Comawake Tasks Players with Escaping Their Own Coma

A number of virtual reality (VR) experiences place players in the minds of others. White Paper Games’ Ether One is a videogame that immediately springs to mind. Comawake takes a spin on the psychological genre, however. Instead of exploring someone else’s mind, players are in fact trapped in their own in a coma. This unique experience is one of the finalists in Oculus VR’s Mobile VR Jam for the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD). A video of the title in action can be seen below.

A first-person experience, Comawake is a surreal horror title in which players explore an abandoned hospital that exists within their mind. As the protagonist progresses, it becomes clear that they are in fact experiencing childhood memories, only with striking differences. The title features a range of puzzles that players will need to solve in order to obtain the keys to their release. The experience is developed by Marcin Nowak and Mariusz Waszczur.

Those interested in the experience can currently download the build submitted to Oculus VR for judging on an official entry page. The same page confirms that players can use both the touchpad and a Bluetooth gamepad to control the experience.

As one of the finalists in the videogame track of the VR Jam, Comawake hopes to win the grand prize of $200,000 USD. Runner-up prizes of $100,000, $50,000, and $10,000 are also available, as is a community voted prize of $10,000. Winners are expected to be announced in early June. VRFocus will continue to follow each and every entry into the Mobile VR Jam, reporting back with the latest on them.

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