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VR Jam Spotlight: Old School Run ‘n Gun Gets The VR Treatment in Blood Justice

The classic ‘run ’n gun’ formula has produced a number of memorable series through the years, all of which have had their own very specific style. The likes of Metal Slug, Alien Syndrome, Gunstar Heroes, Turrican and, the classic Konami videogame, Contra, have all left their mark on the videogame industry.  As a genre, however, run’n gun, has somewhat faded away in terms of popularity with both gamers and videogame creators. Now one entry into the Oculus Mobile VR Jam is looking to bring back this ‘neglected’ genre and also give it a virtual reality (VR) twist in Blood Justice.

Blood Justice

Developers Marco Weber and Arron Hartley looked to the Amiga/Atari era for their inspiration on this entry. Dogs of War was originally published by Elite Systems (Bomb Jack, Beyond The Ice Palace, etc) 1989 and in that same way Blood Justice features a lone warrior tear through an army of adversaries.  Such foes include soldiers, tanks and even wild animals disturbed by the fighting. There are also other hazards within the game to be avoided, such as trains whose lines you will occasionally need to cross.

Some changes have been made away from the initial format. In combining VR aspects the developers have slightly changed the viewpoint away from a strictly top-down experience for instance.

Time is running out for those participating in the Mobile VR Jam, as final submissions are due Monday, 11th May 2015. After that, entrants will have to wait until the following month out who amongst the now 400+ entries is declared the victor.  For those in the videogame category there’s a $200,000 USD top prize at stake as well as a number of other big money prizes so the pressure is on to wow the judges.

VRFocus will continue to bring you games and news from the VR Jam, keep an eye out for further updates.


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