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VR Jam Spotlight: The Bouncinator Lets You Decide Who to Let Into the Club

Virtual reality (VR) will allow users to experience their dream jobs. Players can become astronauts, sports icons, rock gods and more. Or, perhaps they’ve always wanted to be a bouncer. It’s not the first thought that springs to mind, but that’s exactly who players are cast as in The Bouncinator. This new title for the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) is another entry into Oculus VR’s ongoing Mobile VR Jam from a team that includes the developer of Pixel Ripped and more. A video of the title in action can be seen below.

Created by Pixel Ripped‘s Ana Riberio along with indie developers Stef Keegan and Konrad Jablonski, The Bouncinator casts players as a robot put in charge of a line outside a popular club. Players must keep the venue safe but assessing everyone that’s waiting to be let in, using x-ray specs to check for dangerous items and making sure that people don’t sneak in while you’re distracted. Should the player fail then the party can quickly go up in flames. Those interested can now download the same build that has been submitted for judging via an official entry page.

“We strongly believe that the best VR games are created with the hardware fully in mind from the word go,” the developers note on the entry page. “For this reason we have designed an experience that does not relying on character motion, removing any risk of motion sickness. We have created a game that does not rely on any external controls allowing the player to become fully immersed. We also believe that that the “tap for x-ray” control is just the kind of thing that the gear VR was made for. This is designed to make the player feel even further immersed because the sensation of wearing a headset is justified within the game. Working with many characters and very low draw calls is always going to be a challenge, so we opted for a stylised game with randomly generated assets and facial sprites to create hundreds of mad combinations for our party guests.”

The Bouncinator is part of the videogame track of the VR Jam, hoping to win the grand prize of $200,000 USD. Runner-up prizes also include $100,000, $50,000, and $10,000. VRFocus will continue to follow each and every entry into the Jam, reporting back with the latest on them.

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