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BeBop Sensors Gaming and VR – Data Gloves

With a lot of the news on virtual reality (VR) usually centred around the head-mounted displays (HMD), the actual way gamers will control these videogames is still of equal importance. Oculus VR recently announced in last weeks press conference that the Oculus Rift would be bundled with an Xbox One controller and also in development is Oculus Touch. But one of the most enduring images of VR over the years has been controlling a videogame with gloves. Well possibly one company with a solution is BeBop Sensors with the Data Gloves.

BeBop Sensors combine the sensors that are designed in-house with fabric to create ‘smart fabric’ which can then create detailed motion sensing of body motion. A first generation prototype of an all fabricdata glove provides information of finger flexing and abduction from 14 fabric sensors. That can then be combined with BeBop Sensors Data Insole for a sophisticated VR sensing system for full motion control.

The BeBop Sensors, smart fabric, can comprehend force, location, size, weight, shape and presence which is why they have recently won the Frost & Sullivan 2015 Innovation Award for Wearable Smart Fabric Sensors.  Whether this technology will come to VR isn’t known but from this first glimpse it would certainly be a good fit.

Watch the video below to see the prototype. VRFocus will be there to report on any further announcements from BeBop Sensors on the future of smart fabric.


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