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Unreal Engine Offers A Look Behind The Scenes At Adr1ft With Developer ThreeOneZero

Ever since ThreeOneZero’s space-based first-person experience (FPX) Adrift (or ADR1FT) was announced fans of virtual reality (VR) and gaming as a whole have been impressed at the look and hungry to see more. Now thanks to a special behind the scenes video produced by the team at Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, fans are able to get a glimpse at just what has gone into the production of the videogame and hear from several of the Adrift team.

Beginning development in 2013, Adrift follows the story of astronaut Alex Oshima who following an apparent accident is left stranded in space in a badly damaged spacesuit. By solving puzzles and managing dwindling oxygen resources players must navigate through five areas, solve the mystery of what occurred and guide Commander Oshima to safety before she perishes in the vacuum of space.

Confirmed for release in September on XBOX One, PC and Playstation 4 platforms, it is expected that the initial release will support developmental versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) with support for the CV1, Valve’s HTC Vive and Sony’s Project Morpheus likely being added upon the release of those VR platforms.

VRFocus continues to follow Adrift and will bring you more updates on both the videogame and work of ThreeOneZero as we get them.

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