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HTC Vive

Microsoft ‘working closely with Valve to make Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming’

At Microsoft’s pre-E3 press conference today a unique partnership with Valve was announced. Valve’s virtual reality (VR) initiative will commence later this year, and Microsoft have announced that they are ‘working closely’ with Valve to support the HTC Vive hardware.

Few details were announced at the press conference, however in a press release issued moments ago Microsoft made the following statement: “Microsoft is proud to announce a new relationship with Valve VR. We will be working closely with Valve to make Windows 10 the best platform for VR gaming.”

Windows 10

Last week Microsoft announced a partnership with Oculus VR that would allow Xbox One videogame titles to be streamed via Windows 10 to a virtual cinema within the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). There is currently no word on whether the HTC Vive will offer the same functionality to Xbox One gamers as Oculus Rift, however more details are expected to follow at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, this week. VRFocus will be on the show floor reporting live with all the latest details.

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