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New Surreal VR Screenshots Revealed

Following the announcement of Surreal earlier this week, VRFocus has received a selection of new screenshots taken from the videogame. The announcement of the videogame coincided with Oculus VR’s reveal of the Oculus Touch control system, for which Surreal was the first title to confirm support.

Created by Surreal Games, Surreal aims to offer a social experience in which friends can meet and interact in a variety of different environments. From hot tubs to mountainous regions and even meeting with dragons, Surreal is looking set to live up to the name it’s developers have chosen to christen it.

Surreal Screenshot

Oculus Touch is Oculus VR’s answer to gesture control, offering a pair of motion-tracked controllers that will replicate your hand movements within videogame experiences. Surreal will allow direct control of a player’s in-game hands via the Oculus Touch technology. The new screenshots taken from Surreal follow below and¬†VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the project.

surreal_8 surreal_9 surreal_7 surreal_6 surreal_5 surreal_4 Surreal Screenshot

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