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New To VR: Digital Art Takes A Multicoloured Headtrip In Xol

As we have previously seen on VRFocus, virtual reality (VR) is more than just a platform for videogames and experiences, it can also be a platform for pieces of virtual art. Art that changes an stimulates, for example as previously shown by the fractal works of Julius Horsthuis. Now a brand new addition to Neverland Space is bringing colours and to the Oculus Rift in an entirely different way.


Created by Y7K, a digital agency based in Switzerland, Neverland Space is an ongoing project showcasing innovative online art. Encompassing everything from the simple gif through to virtual sculptures it endeavours to produce a unique experience with pieces that can only be found in the online platform.

In celebration of their re-launch artist Lionel Williams was invited to create a VR art piece that would be viewable with the Oculus Rift. The result is Xol, a journey through a multicoloured mindscape, filled with images and music. A digital trip sans acid. Xol can be viewed either as an Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) app or as a desktop experience for both Windows and Mac. It can be found both on the Neverland Space site and is also listed on WEARVR.  You can see a preview video below.


Come back tomorrow to VRFocus for another item that is new to VR and see whether it is a videogame, experience, art piece or something else entirely.

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